Countdown to DNNCon

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What the experts have to say about DotNetNuke and its community

Developers, designers, business professionals, lend me your ears!

DNNCon is so close you can practically taste the excitement in the air. Soon you’ll have the opportunity to hit the convention center (or the beach) for a full sampling of what DNNCon and Palm Beach have to offer.

Florida - PostcardWhether you’re brand new to DotNetNuke, or a veteran who has been developing DNN sites since version 1, DNNCon will have something for you. Best of all, it will give you a chance to meet other people who are as passionate about DotNetNuke as you are. (And, most likely, you’ll meet some people who are WAY more passionate about DotNetNuke than you are — just stop by our booth if you want a friendly example.)

But that passion — that excitement — is infectious. When you’re sitting behind a desk all day (or your laptop at a coffeehouse), it’s easy to forget what makes DNN so great. Events like DNNCon put you back in touch with the community on a personal level.

Sure, you may email with DNN developers, users, and content creators on a daily basis; you may follow all of the industry news, the blogs, and the big names on twitter (@PowerDNN) — and that’s great … but there is a deep and tangible difference between reading a tweet someone posted, and shaking someone’s hand and talking over drinks or coffee.

So why DNN?

Out of hundreds of CMSs out there, why DotNetNuke? That can be a big question. Maybe you love DotNetNuke through and through, your whole business model is built on using DNN software, or you just want to learn a little more about it — all of these are great reasons to attend community events like DNNCon.

PowerDNN works with some of the best and brightest Developers and Designers in the business. We attend CMS events and tradeshows around the world, and we pride ourselves on being active in the community. There are many reasons to attend big trade-show events like DNNCon. So why DotNetNuke? Here’s what our developer partners have said….

What the experts say:

Florida - Old alligator art“DotNetNuke has been around. It’s stable. It has a large community base. One of the great things about DNN is that it’s open. It’s open-source — everybody feeds the product and continues to deliver value to it. So you’re not going to get kind of slow stagnant growth within the product. You’re going to get a lot of intelligent people who are really passionate about it. [They] drive value to the product and push it forward.”

Nick Christy
PowerDNN interview at DNN World 2012


“The synergy of meeting developers, and other companies, and users, and module makers — it’s a fantastic event.”

“It’s that community focus, and people sharing and working together. Maybe reaching out to this developer for this, this hosting company for these fantastic services, and putting those all together and having a good solid solution in front of you, instead of having to wing it by yourself.”

Ryan Moore
Moore Creative
PowerDNN interview at DNN World 2012


PQ Mark Saunders

“One of the neat things about the DNN Community is that we really are friends, and we communicate with each other very, very well. We compete with each other, and yet we share.”

“When the DNN events come around, the reason I’ve been to all of them is because this has really become a family. And we really look forward to having our dinners, and planning, and getting together, and seeing each other’s family … It’s really a very, very unique community that we enjoy….”

Mark Saunders
10 Pound Gorilla
PowerDNN interview at DNN World 2012


“Ease of use … Having a DotNetNuke store with thousands of different modules available, having hosting providers that can easily accommodate all kinds of levels of hosting, makes it — for business — easy to start with DotNetNuke … I think DNN is the best option to go for if you’re working for CMS and web applications.”

Ernst Peter Tamminga
PowerDNN interview at DNN World 2012


DNNCon — ‘We’ll show you around’

Palm Beach - BreakersEvents like DNNCon give you a chance to meet with everyone in the industry, from huge companies to independent developers — talk shop, learn tips and tricks, get advice, make connections, and have dinner with people who genuinely want to help you in your business.

The DotNetNuke community is open and inviting. Make the most of your DNNCon trip. Learn from experts, and — if you are an expert — help someone else learn something new. If you have any questions while at DNNCon, feel free to stop by the PowerDNN booth — We’re always glad to help.