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Our data is your data — and we have some very interesting data for you

PowerDNN State of the CMS - Cut 1Anyone who deals in technology understands that data is king. It doesn’t matter if you’re a CEO, small business owner, developer, designer, or content creator — you need data. You need information.

And we’re here to help.

For more than a month, PowerDNN has been circulating a survey within the DNN / DotNetNuke community to measure the health and vibrancy of the DNN / DotNetNuke platform and community. The results of that survey are being analyzed as you read this, and our full “State of the CMS Report” will be released very soon. We have already come across some interesting insights and surprises.

This is in-depth information — important data that we’re sharing with the community and that you can use for your business. It’s just one small way that we can give back to the DNN community.

The PowerDNN Team has created an infographic displaying some of the initial results of the survey. We can’t wait to share the full report with you, but this infographic is a good start.  Make sure that you read all the way to the end of this post to learn how you can receive the full report with no obligation.

DNN / DotNetNuke CMS Report Infographic

(Click the image to view the full-size version.)


By the numbers …

PQ Report communityFrom the beginning, we have been treating this project as a professional, scientific survey. The results are being analyzed and reported on in a neutral, clinical fashion. Positives are being explained, negatives are being examined, and a series of recommendations will be made.

Our survey yielded 595 valid responses from across the entire spectrum of the community. After the math, that results in a 95 percent confidence level with +/- 4 percent margin of error.

The results are thorough, and examine a wide spectrum of DotNetNuke use. This type of market research survey and report typically costs tens of thousands of dollars, and the results of that research are usually a closely guarded secret by whatever company paid for it.

That may be appropriate sometimes, but we don’t believe that’s the right approach here.

Open-Source resources

In this spirit, we are going to release the full DNN / DotNetNuke “State of the CMS Report” to the community. That’s right. It will be available to everyone, free of charge, in the next few days. Read it, look at the data for yourself, and decide what it means to you and your business.

UPDATE: The full report has been released. Due to overwhelming demand, we are making the complete, unabridged report available for download to the DNN / DotNetNuke Community. Follow this link to download the report.



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