DNN World is Almost Here!

3 October, 2012 DotNetNukeEventSocial Media

Finishing up the Last Tasks
DNN World 2012 is quickly  approaching, and PowerDNN is ready to rock this conference. We have made our major announcements, ordered up all of our supplies, and now we are just waiting for October 10th and DotNetNuke 7.

DNN Developer
One of our big pushes with DNN World 2012 is the re-release of DNN Developer. Before we even started to advertise for DNN Developer, the site had attracted a lot of attention from DotNetNuke users and developers. Now we are ready to really put DNN Developer in the public’s eye. We have put up the recreated site, a blog, a Facebook page, and aYouTube video. We have seen people taking notice.  

DNN Developer will be a big presence at DNN World. We have created an iPad podium for DNN Developer to add to PowerDNN’s company booth. Developers can sign up to join the list of recommended developers and everyone can enjoy DNN Developer’s new website.

The biggest news is that DNN Developer will be interviewing some of the developers we recommend and putting up those videos on its YouTube Channel. There is still time to contact us at  Contact@DNNDeveloper.com to set up an interview. 

Last week we released the major news that we are giving away a day with a red Ferrari 360 Spider at DNN World. And the community reacted with the expected unparalleled excitement.

Now we want to give you a bit more information than, “Oh my God, a Ferrari!” Our winner has the choice of either the day with the Ferrari or $1,000 Dollars in Cash. So either way, you will be the Top Dog at DNN World 2012.

You can find the complete contest rules online, but we will announce the winner at the DNN After Dark Party, which we are sponsoring. So make sure to stop by PowerDNN’s company booth early and sign up to win.

And Everything Else?
There’s a lot more happening with PowerDNN at DNN World 2012, some of which  you will have to wait to see. Besides the developer interviews, PowerDNN will film and release several other videos for our YouTube channel PowerDNN TV. Expect footage of our grand prize winner in the Ferrari, but we will also bring you interviews, updates, and events.

PowerDNN has a few more things to look forward to before DNN World. However, we are all mostly checking days off of the calendar waiting to go to Florida.  
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