Goodbye, DNNCon Palm Beach,
Hello … Chicago?

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DNNCon: bringing the DotNetNuke community together through tips, tricks, and camaraderie

Florida - PostcardThe longer you’ve been in an industry, the easier it becomes to forget why large-scale gatherings of like-minded people are a boon to your industry.

Maybe you’ve become a little burned out. You’ve been to hundreds of these things before (ugh) and here comes another one down the pipe. Are you ready for it?

Now, we’re not implying that you have forgotten why you’re in business in the first place (you do know, right?), but big community events like DNNCon aren’t just good for the community, they fuel the community. And, if it’s been a while since you attended a community event, maybe you could use a little of that fuel to stoke your own fires.

At DNNCon this year, it was plain to see that people are definitely full of passion for DotNetNuke. Here’s a little taste of the fire that fueled DNNCon this year….

Right this way, sir, your limo is waiting

The Breakers HotelThe PowerDNN Team arrived Wednesday afternoon to prepare for DNNCon.

All day Thursday and Friday we were running the PowerDNN limo and providing DNNCon attendees complimentary limo service from the Palm Beach International Airport to their hotel. Sure, your hotel might’ve offered a shuttle service; but we took a gamble that free curbside pickup in a stretch limo might help you feel a little more relaxed (and loved).

The response we received was amazing.

If you were one of the dozens and dozens of people (we lost count) who received a limo ride from PowerDNN, believe us … it was absolutely our pleasure. We truly believe that this is the best CMS community out there. As we’ve said before, we know you’re all rock stars, and we think you should be treated as such.

PQ Limo happinessIt was a blast to follow the #DNNCon action on twitter, and see people that we provided limo rides to in the morning, out on a boat a few hours later, off the coast of West Palm Beach for the deep sea fishing excursion.

We can’t say for sure that it’s the first time people went directly from a stretch limo to catching 30-pound mackerel out on the open sea, but we’re thankful no one asked to scale their catch on the leather seats (so is our limo driver).

Our complimentary limo service was just one small way that we could give back to the DNN community. We can’t tell you how happy we are that you all enjoyed it as much as we did.

Give me fuel, give me fire, give me DNN that I desire

Shaun Walker - DNNCon exit presentationFriday brought the sponsors’ dinner, followed by the after-hours kick-off party at a local bar and winery. The conversation flowed as freely as the drinks, and DNNCon was running in full swing. Shaun Walker kicked things off with a few brief words, and the night went on.

One of the most impressive things that was evident throughout the weekend, was just how many new people there were to DotNetNuke. When everyone was assembled at the end of the day, we came close to completely filling a huge lecture hall on the campus. And roughly half of the people raised their hand when asked who was attending DNNCon as their first DNN community event.

The new faces are great to see for an expanding CMS. And kudos to everyone who went above and beyond to make all of the new people feel welcome. This has always been one of DotNetNuke’s strengths, one of the things the community does particularly well — you all welcome new people and help them to feel like part of the gang. You offer your expertise and help to build each other’s skills and — in so doing — strengthen the community.

And that attitude continued on the actual day of DNNCon.

10 Pound Gorilla Cassidy talk at DNNConWith booths lining the main hall and pop-up banners standing tall, the doors opened and everyone was eager to talk all things DotNetNuke.

Many DotNetNuke professionals in the industry volunteered their time and expertise to give presentations on a myriad of ways people can improve their DNN skill sets.

A quick lunch, more DNN, and the afternoon wrapped up with MVP awards and several ignite sessions in the lecture hall.

The team at Sprocket Websites did a good job curating a list of DNNCon presentations that have been posted online — be sure to check it out if you want to get a taste of what the DNNCon training sessions had to offer.

Later, the DNN After Dark party was on a rooftop bar near the beach. A light meal, more drinks, and everyone was relieved to relax and unwind after the crazy weekend.

That’s a wrap, folks

DNNCon was an intense couple of days, with tips and tricks from the DotNetNuke pros in the industry, and an obvious sense of camaraderie among the DNN community members.

It was great to see everyone, and we can’t wait to do it again in Chicago (you guys get our vote!).

If you’re new to DNN don’t hesitate to jump in with both feet. And if you have any questions, just ask. We’ll show you around.


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A round of applause for …

We were proud to be a gold sponsor again for this year’s DNNCon, but PowerDNN was only one sponsor among several. Make sure you give a shout out to thank everyone who helped make DNNCon 2013 a success.

Brian Dukes MVPAnd even better, the extra money raised for DNNCon was donated to Place of Hope in West Palm Beach — another example of the DotnetNuke community going above and beyond.

A special thanks goes to Oliver Hine of Engage Software for generously providing us with additional DNNCon pictures for this blog post. Oliver and his coworker Brian Dukes were awarded DotNetNuke MVP Status at DNNCon. We congratulate them both, along with all of the other MVPs, and thank them for what they add to the community.