PowerDNN and DNN Corp Go Bi-Coastal with the Release of DotNetNuke 6.2

1 June, 2012 DeviceDotNetNukeHostingMobileSocial MediaSoftwareTechnology

The PowerDNN team is attending the DotNetNuke Partner conference in Northern California this week.  Yesterday, May 30th, Shaun Walker gave a presentation—streamed live over the internet to 600 virtual attendees—introducing the release of version DotNetNuke 6.2.

In just a few days PowerDNN is sponsoring the Day of DNN in Charlotte, North Carolina, where the official release date is—I believe—still listed as June 2nd.  Get it?  Version 6.2 on 6/2.  Given the numerological alignment of the production release, how could they not release on that date? PowerDNN will literally celebrate this release with the entire DNN Community across the length and breadth of the country over the course of a week.

Shaun did a great job presenting the benefits of this release.  The release is officially labeled as a minor (the “2” in 6.2), but it has major new areas of focus that are usually reserved for major releases.

6.2 has lots of smaller features and improvements, but it is obvious that they are focusing on three aspects in particular: Cloud, Mobile, and Social (a play on words for CMS—Content Management System).  The Cloud focus centers on the ability of DotNetNuke to play nicely in redundant, virtualized environments.  Mobile refers to two aspects of mobile website development—the ability to responsively design to allow websites to detect and react to mobile devices by displaying alternative design/content, and to allow a DotNetNuke website to seemingly shake loose the confines of restrictively padded tables and flow with the various vertical and horizontal attributes of tablets and smartphones in both landscape and portrait positions.  These are both good things.

Social is Job 1

In the presentation today, however, Shaun spent most of the available time talking about the third focus: Social.  Even the Twitter handle for the live event was #SocialCMS.  It is obvious—and perhaps somewhat warranted—that DNN Corporate thinks that the Social aspects of this release are the most important.  It is certainly the aspect likely to get the most press coverage.

We recommend that our customers read the details for themselves—watch the videos, read the overviews, and watch the presentation.  But it is evident that DotNetNuke understands that real social implementation is about more than placing a few “Like” buttons around the virtual real estate. 

A lot of social ground is covered in this release, but a few items jump out.  Not the least of which is the ability to use social media outlets (Facebook, Windows Live, etc.) as Single Sign On authentication (SSO) methods.  Developers put things like this in place all the time, but having it as a fundamental component of the CMS is nice.  But DotNetNuke didn’t stop there.  Version 6.2 allows site user relationships and also has social groups for users, interactive user profiles, and related messaging—all elements that can help turn an intranet or internet site into a social tool unto itself. 

There is also a new SharePoint integration that—although not social per se—certainly will be a benefit to SharePoint-dedicated enterprises that want their document management programs to sync up with their website content in real time (kudos to Arrow Consulting for their help on that).  There are also new APIs to let DotNetNuke play better with other apps.

Not bad, socially speaking … but there is more

Also worth mentioning is the existence of four new language packs.  Again, this is quite a lot for a minor release and there is quite a lot to get excited about.  As usual, PowerDNN recommends that you wait just a few days before upgrading your site.  The PowerDNN Control Suite will help you test and manage your upgrade when the time comes.  If you need a little help or have upgrade questions, the support team is here to help.